IMG_2975 bipedal

Our research goals are to continue on-going data collection on the chimpanzee communities living in the Falémé region. The cumulative results will be used to determine how human activities impact chimpanzee population size, density, distribution, behavior and health.  Research goals are to

  1. Estimate chimpanzee population densities throughout the Falémé region using surveys and nest counts,
  2. Determine current and proposed areas of anthropogenic habitat disturbance, such as mining activities and human settlements,
  3. Identify important resources (i.e. water, forests) and potential corridors for chimpanzees,
  4. Establish use of each habitat type by chimpanzees via nest surveys,
  5. Determine presence and prevalence of regionally observed behaviours (i.e., cave use, soaking in pools of water, night travel) and utative chimpanzee cultural behaviours (i.e. tool assisted hunting, baobab cracking, termite fishing, and ant dipping) using ethoarchaological and non-invasive methods such as camera trapping.

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