Ka Wulo Mara!

That’s how as say Protect the Forest! in the local language Malinké. And in Djalonké we say, “Onj Goula Gata!” 


In 2012, the FCCP initiated conservation education programs in four villages in partnership with Conservation Fusion and the Houston Zoos Conservation Department.  These programs allow us to educate both adult village members through community presentations and children through interactive activities and games.



How do chimpanzees help spread seeds?  How are butterflies and flowers connected? How does camouflage help animals hide from predators?  And how can predators work together to catch prey?  We discussed these questions and more during arts and crafts activities, games of tag (lions vs. warthogs), songs and theatrical sketches.


Using hands on learning, our partners at the Houston Zoo Conservation department and Conservation Fusion created fun and educational activities for the kids to learn about chimpanzees and the environment.


Check out our slideshow of some of our kids activities here:

Bofeto Village – KIDS CAN!

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