Add a new species to the list!

In the 4 years of camera trapping that we have done here in Senegal in the Falémé region, we captured images of 25 different species of mammals – make that 26 species now!

Our first images of red river hogs (Potamochoerus porcus) were taken this year by the Kharakhena cave.  Two individuals passed the cameras, looking rather alarmed when they some the apparatus!

Although red river hogs are not an endangered species or even considered threatened, they are rare here in Senegal.  Saiba Keita of Kharakhena says he hasn’t seen one in years, and if it weren’t for the cameras we would never see them.  Southern Senegal is the northern most range for the red river hogs, and a rather different climate than much of the rest of their range which extents into Central Africa.

Always exciting to see new faces visiting our camera traps! Here is a short clip of one of the red river hogs checking out the cameras.